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scatter-gun marketing mindset – one that embraces the idea that targeted approaches are more likely to succeed than mass-market ones.


For this reason, McDowall’s core mission is to deliver information only on consumers who have expressed some interest in purchasing. In doing so, the company aids marketing campaign success for companies across a broad range of sectors – including financial services, utilities and automotive – and a wide spectrum of business sizes.


For brands operating across the breadth of UK plc, McDowall provides enriched surveys tailored specifically to

a client’s needs.

McDowall has the stated aim of being the preferred outsourced partner for lead generation and customer acquisition services to major UK brands.


With over 70 employees, and headquarters in Watford with additional operations in Liverpool and Greater Manchester, McDowall deploys an exclusively UK team of telemarketing agents to deliver profitable customers to clients, professionally and compliantly.


From the outset, the company has approached acquisition differently to the prevalent mass-market model of generating consumer lifestyle information.


McDowall fully understands that the changing consumer, regulatory and technological landscape requires a refined rather than


the way...



Striving For


Called the Customer Acquisition Barometer (CAB), it is a twin-track survey exploring both marketer and consumer experiences to produce a new industry currency and a benchmark for the universal business of finding new customers. The survey highlights best practice and those tactics that marketers adopt without considering their long-term effects on consumer trust.


The CAB Report was exclusively launched on 27th March 2014 at a breakfast event co-hosted by McDowall and the DMA at the Soho Hotel, London, in front of an audience of senior marketers, agencies and industry practitioners.


Chaired by Anglian Windows’ Marketing Director, Martin Troughton, the panel of industry experts at the launch, included Rachel Hall (CRM & Database Manager), Honda, Jonathan Earle (Head of Customer Strategy & Development), Telefonica UK, Michelle De Souza (Head of Customer Insight & CRM), Age UK and Omaid Hiwaizi (Chief Strategy Officer), Geometry Global.


The CAB identifies trends in acquisition channels, budget allocation, cost-per-acquisition and privacy concerns that are shaping the future of gaining new customers. With research partners ICM Direct and Fastmap, the research program was carried out across three months from December 2013 to February 2014.  



We are all about quality – it matters to us all. We are fully compliant and have a commitment to best practice. Whether it is the DMA, TPS, IDM, IAB, MOJ or ICO, we are accredited, fully audited or corporate members to these government or industry bodies.


All of our telephone agents are extensively trained – we ensure that they go through a full program before they make a single call. In fact, as a commitment to best practice, we have even been known to extend these training programs to our clients.


 All of our survey calls are call recorded – we find that this full transparency is exactly what our clients are looking for.


And for our strategic accounts we have created a customer charter – symbolising our commitment to ensuring that we deliver what we say we will, when we say we will do so & at the agreed cost without any surprises.